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Pickup Questions

southpaw rocker

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1)Does anyone know which Gibson pickup the Epiphone Goth Lead pickups were suppose to imitate? I know they're Alnicos which narrows it down but all's it says is hot bridge or something like that on the bottom. Could it possilby be a 498?

2) Would this type of pickup sound good in an agathis bodied strat? I've decided that I just don't like single coil pups anymore. Also, Anyone tried the DiMarzio Evolution and/or Breed pickups? Thanks.

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Can't answer your first question, but breed/evos are probably the nicest sounding in mahogany or alder. You'l get qute a heavy sound out of them with an agathis body, quite rounded (... sort of chiney but warm), depending on the position of course.

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