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Intentional Bad Finish


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I have been trying everything I can to get a rough texture on the back of two bass necks and have been defeated in my efforts. I put four fast coats of laquer on and wiped them into a horrible swirl only to have them nice and flat two days later. I tend to lose neck-position when making fast position changes and just need more roughness on the backside of the neck. Please don't reccomend that sandpaper-tape stuff cause the problem isn't that bad. Cello bow rosin helps quite a bit but lasts about 10 minutes. Anyone else have this problem or just me?

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I know that feeling of not feeling "solid" on a neck. Things I've always found helpfu/comfortable are a nice gloss finish (some call it sticky; I call it stable) and a slightly wider nut width (P is far more comfortable than J for me).

On my Warmoth satin finish neck, I ended up buffing out the back of it with 8000 grit sandpaper to get a better feel. I recommend trying this, if you find gloss finishes helpful.

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