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Seymour Duncan Wiring Problems


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I'm having trouble finding a wiring diagram for my pick up, set up. I was wondering if anyone can help.... I have the seymour duncan JB (SH-4) in bridge, The Alnico Pro2 In mid And the SVR-1 Vintage rails in neck, 1 Vol, 1 Tone and a five way selector. Can anyone maybe provide me with a wiring diagram?? thank you, Frazzles.

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Seymour Duncan Schematic

This diagram is actually for two singles and a humbucker instead of three humbuckers, but it will do fine. Instead of hooking up the white wires on the neck and mid pickups to the switch, you will hook up the black wires just like on the humbucker shown in the diagram. The ground is now Green instead of black. Solder the white and red wires together on each pickup and cover with shrink tubing. If you want to use a switch to coil-split a pickup, you can solder the white and red wires to a switch instead of covering them with shrink tubing, too.

Also, use 500k pots instead of the 250k shown in the diagram.

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