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Telecaster Modding

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I was wondering if it were possible to take a standard telecaster and modify it so it can take 2 humbuckers. I'm a fan of the telecaster shape, but i'm not a fan of single coils and this is all heading towards a possible custom project. I'm guessing, judgeing from pictures that the plastic on the pickup rings would have to be thicker. All help is appreciated!

-Jamie :D

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I think you should be able to. Mind you youll probably have some bridge mods ahead of you if you want a humbucker in the bridge. Rout out the body for bigger pickups. mod/new pickguard. If i build a tele shaped guitar, Ill probably go with 2 humbuckers. But if its a good old real tele, It might not be worth hacking up and making its value drop. JMO


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Seymour Duncan and I'm sure other pickup manufactures make humbuckers (sometimes referred to as stacked humbuckers) designed to be retrofit into a single coil sized route. My son put a SD stacked humbucker into the bridge position in his Tele - worked great.

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