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Hey, I have been reading about building a pickup for while, and i just have a few points that i need cleared up.

Is it possible to build a single coil by using Screws as pole pieces? or is this only possible on the Humbucker set up...

Also, if it was possible, would you have to do anythign to the screws to polarize them, or could you do it by installing a bar magnet...?

Any help would be appreaciated.



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The screws simply help focus the magnetic field on the individual strings. At least, that's the point. The field is usually so large on passive pickups with bar magnets that if the screws don't line up perfectly, you won't hear much of a difference.

Also, you don't have to polarize the screws or anything weird like that. Just use screws that are made of steel or some other metal that is attracted to magnets. Brass screws will probably not work very well at all.

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