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Source In Germany For Binding Cement?

Crazy Carl

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Hi Carl, i'm in Venezuela and i entered the same problem, i was told i could use PVC pipe cement( though i used cianocrilate i.e. Crazy glue) and what would you be using acetone for? acetone can be found in nail polish remover, but be careful: Binding and acetone isn't a good mix, so be careful, and good luck!

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actually you can make your own very easily, heres some quotes from martin koch book :

**binding cement :

When ordinary celluloid binding is cut into small pieces and left soaked in a glass of acetone overnight a creamy mixture - so-called binding cement - is formed which can be used for correcting mistakes and replacing missing bits of binding.

It takes about a day before it is dry and any further work can be done on it.

Be careful, tough, when repairing guitars: acetone attacks nitrocellulose lacquer!. **

and heres another quote :

** When you buy a binding from a guitarmakers supplier it is normally made of celluloid and is therefore an acetate. Consequently, the best solvent to use for gluing on the binding is acetone.

Brush it generously on the binding and into the rabbet and secure it with adhesive tape. Then apply acetone over the next section and again tape on the binding. Repeat until the whole body is bound. After about six hours the tape can be removed and the binding can be scraped flush with the body using a scraper.**

Hope that will help you a little. :DB)

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