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Wood Sizes For A Les Paul


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Hi all.

I am just starting out here, but I am definately keen on a Les Paul copy. been wanting one for 15 yrs...

Ok, I went to my wood merchant and they have all the wood i need. B)

I am thinking of using a african mahongany body and neck, rosewood fret board and a birds eye maple top.

Now they have given me the price list in metre cubes ie m3. what I need to know is how much wood would I need to build the les paul. :D

I don't have plans yet as I am still pricing the build, but if anyone has a rough idea past experience how much wood was use I would appreciate it.



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do u want a join down the middle of the back or top?? i got some mahogany for a super strat sort, and the dimensions were 250mm x 50mm an i got 2 meters of that and glued it, if u want a 1 peice body i would go 4 a 400 x ?? (whatever depth you are lookin 4), as for the maple, well i recon if u can get 1 peice go 4 it, it'd look way better. the neck, i saw a friend just get 1 peice of mahogany and cut it length-ways and then glue it back together, not sure how it will hold up, but it is good strong wood


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The body blank (mahogany part) needs to be about 14"(355mm)wide x 18"(457mm)tall x 1 1/2"(38mm) thick. The maple cap is typically 3/4'(19mm) thick. Your neck will depend on whether or not you cut the neck out of a solid piece of wood or if you use a scarf joint for the headstock angle, and laminate for the heel thickness.

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