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Little Bit Of Advice Needed

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Right so heres the dealeo.

I have a crap guitar that i am trying to do up at the minute.

The neck sits about 1/2 inch above the body. The body is completely flat.

I was gonna possibly cut a section out of the neck, but thought no.

So it is gonna stay this height above the body, however one thing i need to know is...................

Would the strings be too high off the body for two humbuckers to pick up the sound..... secondly would I be able to use one of these bridges on a flat guitar.



and this tailpiece?


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A picture would be worth a thousand words....but lacking that I would guess you would have no problems with either humbuckers, or using that bridge and tailpiece. There are plenty of flat top guitars built that way. There should be plenty of adjustment in the mounting of the pickups and bridge to acomodate that. Is the body routed for pickups yet?


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If you do have A problem with the pickup's just buy some thicker mounting rings

that should take care of it if you end up with a problem at all! :D


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I still haven't routed the body for pickups yet, i was thinkin of waiting until I get the pickups so that I could get a better idea of what size of cavity etc....

Humbuckers needs standard size cavity, so you can route it now.

however, remember that in case you use a tune-o-matic bridge (like in the pictures) you can make the bridge PU cavity shallower because the PU will seat pretty high (due to the angle of the strings).

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