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Cracking Top. Fix?

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My dad's old nylon string acoustic guitar (bought some time in the seventies(?)) is having a bit of trouble, I think.

If I point the neck to the sky, and the sound hole towards me, there is a crack along the edge of the top in the bottom right "corner" of the guitar. It's not a full blown crack, really, but only "starting" to crack, so the finnish is cracked and the top is bowing (maybe slightly cracked, can't see due to the finnish cracks covering that). I don't know if this is something that's been caused by a one time incident or if it's going to get worse and worse, but I've started considering fixing it.

What I'm wondering is how would I go about fixing this? My guess would be that I should try to but some reinforcement inside the guitar in the affected area, and when glueing that reinforcement in, the top should be clamped flat.

Do you guys have any ideas/suggestions/complaints?

(And for those asking "is it worth fixing? shouldn't you just get a new one?", well, yeah, I could, but it'd be fun to work with this guitar)

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I don't have any pics (could take if really wanted). The only thing I know about the guitar is what's been said, and that the label inside (seen through the soundhole) says "Sigma" (IIRC).

Thanks a lot, tirapop, those articles look like they'll answer my questions! :D

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