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Rhythm Pickup Scratchy, Noisy After Install


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Just finished shielding my friends guitar (telecaster) and installing a new set of pickups. Scratch tested the neck pickup before re-assembly and everything seems to work fine there, but the rhythm pickup puts out static whenever I touch it. This problem persists even when the pickup is removed from the shielded cavity - so I don't think it's anything to do with the pickup coming into contact with the copper shielding. I'm wondering at this point if there isn't a short in the coils of the pickup itself. Any tips for trouble-shooting would be appreciated.

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Please clarify which pickup is humming. The actual neck pickup on a Tele is easy to wire backwards. An ohmeter test should show 7kohms to the cover(ground) from the hot lead and zero to cover(ground) from the ground lead. Lower readings from the hot could be an internal short.

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