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My Idea For A Doubleneck

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ok here is my idea. i just got a bunch of mahogany. id like a lot of input.:

12 strings on top 6 on bottom

semihollow duojet body with slight carved top.

mahogany back with maple top

bigsby on 6 string neck

2 humbuckers for each neck

neck switch(3way)

2pickup switches(3way)

master volume and master tone for each neck.

as thin a body as i can get away with

please feel free to add some input or suggestions

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yeah im kinda reconsidering the body deal. im thinking more mass in the body for evenness. im thinking more like chambered instead of semihollow. not even so that they are just chambers, but maybe just some big cavities for the electronics. maybe not even a carved top. i could get it to look more like a danelectro than a gretsch but with more chunk to it.

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ok, my whole idea has changed up a bit. i just saw an awesome picture of gov't mule a few years ago with james hetfield and they all had their guitars. allen woody was playing a doubleneck les paul jr that had a bass neck and a guitar neck. im thinking i could get away with having it like a flattop les paul special. ill have a 12 string neck and a six string neck. so the same principal but different shape and style. i could make it thinner to compensate for so much mass.

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