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Help! Floyd Rose Trouble!

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I got my warmoth body in today, it was routed for an original floyd rose system. I have the right trem, but the rout for hte mounting studs is so damn tight, i can't get hte studs in all hte way. I barely got them in enough for them to stay in the boyd if you turn it over, but I don't know how I can get them all the way down. Someone help me fast?!

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put a few layers of duct tape over the area and try beating it with a mallet. Make sure you have tape covering enough area so that you don't damage the wood and\or finish.

You might want to actually remove the stud and sand in the hole as such to widen it just a tad, allowing a flush fit nice and easily.

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The stud is supposed to fit tight and actually grab hold of the wood as it goes in so it doesn't tear back out.

1. Don't whack the studs. Like Chubbs says, "Just tap it in". You don't want to split the wood or crack the body.

2. Try a little scraping a little dry bar soap or wax on the flutes of the studs. Might make 'em go in a little easier. Rinse, lather, repeat.

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