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Dull Nitro Finish


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Started spraying nitrocellulose lacquer (out of a can)on my guitar yesterday, six very fine coats, started putting on slightly heavier coats today, having never used nitro before should the finish have at least some shine to it as mine is very rough and dull. B)

Looks like a matt finish.

i understand it needs a polish down after about a month , just worried that it it's wrong at the start i'd rather start again than wait a month only to find it's never going to be any good.

Also is there a difference between cellulose lacquer and nitrocellulose lacquer and could cellulose be used ontop of nitro?

Any help appreciated



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it should have shine on it, if it is not mate paint, but sometimes they turn out mate.

old colour or something else i dont know.

some time ago i had the same prob, but i sprayd few coats of clear so it turned out ok.

I was aplying metalic blk on my bc rich and when it was dry she turned mate


and this is after few coats of clear:


so in other words yes you can continue with your project if you ask me...

hope i helped

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Thanks for the replys,

Sorry forgot to say i'm using a clear gloss over stained maple.

I'll continue with the laquer, i just thought it might have a wet look to it when first sprayed.

as for my other question, i pay £12 a can for nitro, allready got through three cans B) .

cellulouse laquer i can get for £4 a can, Can these be used together? i doubt it but i thought id ask before i run out of cash and have to sell the wife :D .

thanks again



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i can only recomend you to buy spray gun.

i used to work with one like this------->


untill i had enough cash to buy some pro stuff, but i still use it alot.

its really cheap here in croatia. Something like 80-90 gbp translated in ur mony.

If you choose to get yourself one, paint will cost you less and u'll get to start experiment with colours and effects,

I'm not sure about mixing nitrocellulouse and celullouse paints. I think i read somewhere on this forum that it is not recomendable to mix those two together.

I personaly stay with one brand when i start project.

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