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Question About Picture Finishing

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First off..heres a pic of the last guitar I did


This was done very "ghetto" some of the pictures are actual photos and some are printouts. It was done by sanding the body and simply applying elmers glue with a sponge brush. The i applied more on top for a finish coat.

I now have an electric guitar I want to do this with, but I want proffesional quality. A few questions for you guys.

-Photo paper, or standard printing paper?

-How will i get it really smooth...Just a lot of clear coating?

-Is there better method of getting the pictures to stick to the body?

I read the whole fabric finish guitar project tutorial, but that was with a smooth fabric, not pictures with many seams. Any tips or advice would be much apprectiated.

Also Im only doin the front and painting the rest and kind of fading the paint into the pictures on the front to make it look seamless.

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there is that one thing i think would look pretty cool on guitar.

I like the idea of photos on guitar but have never tryed to do it but here is what i would do:

First, if you know how to work in photoshop or corel, download the template of the body of guitar and import it into lets say corel.

Then delete all the vectors you wont need and scan your pics and aligne them into your guitar body shape.

then you can do fading effect on your body sape in corel (the colour that the rest of your guitar vould be like) (( p.s, that way you can use even drop shadow effects and so on, what would give your guitar 3d look)) Put few smaller pics on bottom so you can cut them for testing.

try ask arround if any photo printing shops can print you 1 to 1 scale photo (usualy they can do that 'cos they can print out A0 size) or plot it on the ploter on photo paper (construction companyes have the best ploters so if you know someone give the graphic to him plus they use corel)

Then, cut the guitar shape and glue it on your guitar and aply clear coat

( first try with aditional print to test the kind of clear you will work with to see if it will effect the colours on print, nitro etc...)

But really important.......take photos of a procedure and post the pics in forum so you can pass the "how to do it" for next generation, lol

hope i helped

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Lol, I never thought about using photoshop...even though its sitting on my desktop. Im not sure where I would get a 1:1 template of a Peavey predator plus guitar body (yes its crap but free!)

Is there any specific glue I should use? And also...what kind of clear coats are out there?

1 more thing. I plan on doing the head too (just the front side). Pretty much just to cover up the peavey logo haha. Is there anything i need to know about that area?

Heres the pics of the guitar I'll be using.

The guitar link!

**Edit- What would be the best method of removing the paint/stain...Im thinking im just gonna take the sander to it.

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I allways send guitar, but there is few things you can do. Go take look at the project guitar tutorial section.

You can do head finish the same way like body.

I cant help you with glue choice cos i have never done material finish on a guitar or anything, but, again, its there in tutorials.

Im sorry but i dont have wectors for your guitar but try to improvise some, for exemple lay your guitar body on peace of paper and draw a cube around it, mesure it and use it as template im photoshop.

I allways use nitro paints, the dry fast.


I was thinking that b/w pics or sephia pix with drop shadow effect on blk guitar body would look awsome on your guitar. Youl achive that anic look on it. Maybe you should play with pix to give them old ripped look, thats just an idea im not telling you what to do. Dont get me wrong.

If you need any help with photoshop or corel im here for you.

just mail me or pm on yahoo

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I traced the body on a large piece of paper...Im thinking i can either scan it in pieces (because its too big for the scanner) or head down to Kinkos and have them scan it. After I have a full size scan I can then go clean it up and make it into a digital line drawing and begin pasting pictures on it in photo shop. A little blending, drop shadowing, and burning here and there and it will be ready to be professionally printed and glued on the guitar.

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If you want your photos to last, you're going to need to use archival-quality inks, paper and glue. A clearcoat that filters UV would also be a good idea. If you don't take these steps, you can count on the pigments fading and the paper yellowing as it's exposed to light.

Unless you want that sun-faded effect, that is. :D

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