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Lacquer Vs. Polyurethane


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Well..I'm just nearing the end of a project where I used Varathanen(flecto),a water based polyeurothane. This is my first guitar build so I don't have any experience with nitro.

It goes on thin. I've used 8 cans to date, leaving a 1/3 or 1/4 in the can. It seems to dry and harden quickly. Sands well and polish with little trouble.

I had to put dozens of coats on over the dye job on the maple top before the sand paper showed no dye. I don't know if this is what is refered to as burn through or not but it seems the new coat would seep into the preceeding coat and the dye would migrate into the upper layers. I think this what makes this product "unnecessary to sand between coats".

If you use this product be sure to look at the bottom of the can. I bought two cans that said "gloss" on the label and top but said "satin" on the bottom of the can!!!??

see ya


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