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Hey, Anybody Have Pics Of A White Guitar

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Okay, new question didn't want to start a new thread. Is it possible to have an sg with a flamed maple top, with natural dyed sides (You can see the grain), and not have it look like crap?? I'm aware that sgs don't have body binding, so how would that work?? Because they have a carved top...

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Oh, is faux like natural binding?? So you just mask off the top/back joint and dye the rest?? Then you clear coat it all?? Could look cool, I don't know though. That'd probably be my last option. But it's probably my only option too. I could sell out and go with a veneer :D

Thanks for the link, myka does amazing work.

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I thought that Ron Thorn guitar was REALLY ugly, my opinion only.

I've done dozens of experiments like that, but I would have sanded it back off and kept trying, that look is not my idea of a quality finish at all. It's like a Sunday afternoon experiment for fun, then you sand it off and get serious and do something nice, hehehe.

And Maiden has the correct picture for what you're asking about.

You simply go about it like any other finish, but you use white pigment diluted waaay down, mixed in with your clear finish, using a very nice fine tip on your gun, and shoot it as a shader coat.

Fender did that look to a lot of Telecasters in the past also, and they were most likely Ash also.

You really need to do some shooting on scrap before you try the guitar, you can screw that type of finish up real easy.

One pass too many and you bury the look of the wood.

If your gun isn't shooting really good, you'll get splots or blotches.

If you overmix the white, you can bury the look of the wood on the very first pass.

You can also slightly tint the white with any color you want..green, blue, yellow, just a tiny tiny dab to 'just' accent the pure white if you want to.

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Yeah, I'm by far an expert painter, but would practice my skills on scrap. I just don't know about that faux binding. Does anybody have any other pictures of it, like close up?? Thanks a ton.

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Yeah, I know what you mean on the sg supreme. But I wanna do a natural dyed finish like this.


My paintjob is gonna be exactly like that, by with a flamed maple top. I'll look more into natural binding..

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Ok, new request. I'll offer 50 goats and the golden medallion of (Insert name) if anybody can find me a picture of any guitar with a flamed maple top, no binding, and not solid paint on the bevels like that cheating sg supreme. I want to go dyed natural on the sides, but might have to end up doing something like the supreme...

EDIT: Okay, I found this


Doesn't look too bad huh?? Mine would be stained pretty dark, so it'd be way less easy to notice than that?? Still not sure though. Oh well, this gave me a little reassurance that I'm not the only one...

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"A custom guitar like this would cost thousands to have built"



He had a nice piece of wood there, I don't know whether I would catagorize it as a 5A or not, maybe a 4A, and he doesn't know enough about dyes and stains, cuz it don't look that nice to me.

He did do a nice job on the Mahogony tho, it has a nice honey look to it, but that top suffered severly.

Bill, what's the difference between what you're trying to do and the standard PRS fake-tape-off-the-binding-so-it-stays-natural look?

Are you asking for something different than what PRS does all the time?

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Well man, on an sg I don't think that would work. If it would, I'd just put regular binding on. The the carve on the body, I'm just not sure. My friends got an sg, and I'm gonna take a look to see if it's possible. Yeah, that guy's guitar wasn't very good. His pickguard has some problems, and yeah the top suffered pretty bad.

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