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Wiring A Pedal


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I bought a cheap pedal for like 20 bux but it is in a plastic case i wanted to put it into a metal case but how do i take out the little switch that the pedal hits and install a push button so i can have it like a normal stomp box

And also it would help me if anyone knew any really good websites that i could find help with wiring pedals, guitars, and amps thanks

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not to hijack but I didn't want to starta new thread, on one of the schematics on that site. (http://www.diystompboxes.com/pedals/SupaSustain.gif) it has 2 things going to an 18v power supply, does this mean, that they both go to a single 18v power supply or they each have their own 18v power supply?

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No, it's the same 18 volt source - just wire two 9 v batteries in series (+ to -) and wire a 100uF 25v (or larger) cap across them (get the polarity right), and wire the + end to the spots marked 18 volts and the - end to the ground. </hijack> :D

Now, does anybody have an Arion phaser schemo - I'm having difficulty coming up with one.

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