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hello, i am starting to build my second guitar. i play mostly metal and rock. i was a sound with lots of mids and highs with not to much bass, but i nice tight low end. i am going to put seymour duncans in this guitar since i have dimarzios in my other guitar . it will be 2 humbuckers. i have been looking at a custom custom for the bridge and a 59 for the neck. or maybe a JB for the bridge. i want a fairly high output pickup for the bridge. can anyone give me some information about the custom custom? also i want to coil tap my pickups, how well will the pickups i am looking at sound when tapped? also anyone have any pickups (not emgs please) to recomend?

thanks, matt

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Ok, I vote for the 59n and the JB for bridge. Remember, this is MY opinion and will differ wildly from other's. My opinion is the JB doesn't split very well, at least not as well as the 59. JBs DO respond well to series/paralell switching.

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I agree with the JB & 59, But IMO the JB does better when split; the 59 is too weak for me. Of course, we all have different guitar & tastes.

I'm into split sounds enough that I got a custom pup designed to do that well. The only Duncan like this is the Stag Mag, which I like for the neck but not the bridge. For the bridge you may want to check out Rio Grande's Tallboy or Muy Grande buckers. But keep in mind that these compromise on their bucker sound somewhat to improve their split sound.

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