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How Thin Do You Think Thin Can Be?

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Thin where? I ask that cause there are not very many places that need to be all that thick but the ones that need beef, NEED BEEF. I over-routed a pickup pocket for a neck humbucker and didn't realize what I had done until the finish checked on the backside of the neck pocket. Can't never trust that guitar again. Everytime I open the case I expect to see a jumble of loose strings. MAJOR bummer.

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whoa those are cool as hell. thanks for giving me some reassurance.

I've got a Melody Maker here that's *almost* 1.5 inches (3.5 cm) thick.

It's one-piece mahogany, it's 40 years old, no issues.

Oh yeah, it originally had a tremolo --but it was surface mounted, not routed.

It's a great lightweight guitar ...has a great 'open' chord sound ....But the neck is just too skinny for me now...

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