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Prs Bolt In Type Necks?

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How long is the piece that extends from the bottom of the neck.

Also, have you guys seen Tom Anderson's new A-lock neck joint?

A-Lock neck joint

From what I understand, it is a bolt on, but only uses two bolts.

Here is the text:

Attaching the neck to the body has, in some ways, become Atom’s most talked about and guarded feature. Although we could write an entire Guitar of the Week on this subject alone, let us begin by saying that it is a bolt-on design like you have never seen before—one that cannot ever move from its original placement and is super comfy to play, thanks to the new A-lock neck-joint design.

This is Anderson's new Atom guitar (see his guitar of the week page, and look at the weeks for Jan 16, 24, and 30).

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Interesting. It looks like the back of the neck heel is carved in a "V" shape, and the neck pocket has a mirror-image "V" shape. Very clever.

Valley Arts used to do a bolt-on neck joint that only required ONE bolt. I think they used brass dovetail inserts, if memory serves correctly.

I like the look of the new Atom design from Anderson. It's nice to see them starting to do original designs instead of just Strats and Teles.

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