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Fretboard Seller


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I was wondering if any of you have ever bought from this seller? Wondering if they are good quality, reliable, long lasting, strong, things of that nature.


Also, is there any place that can fret a fretboard.. it is the only thing that I can not do with the money and tools that I have?


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I believe this is the same guy who called himself "inlaidartist" on ebay as well. It's taiwanese inlay which typically means there is NO room for error, the shell is very very thin shell, if you need to sand the fretboard you run a huge risk of sanding through the material.

A fried of mine bought some of his stuff and upon seeing it in person realized why it's so cheap. His radius on the board is done poorly, inlay fit is mediocre, basically, when you're paying as much for a fully inlaid board as what you'd pay for a blank piece of nice wood, you have to question it. You can buy them, but don't expect the world. Also, most luthiers will not want to fret them due to the thickness of the shell and the fact that no slots are precut. I always always always cut my slots before the sides are tapered and before radiusing the board. It's a very big and slow job to have to slot a board after taper, radius, and inlay is in there.

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