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Two Piece Neck Through Wings

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Ok...still waiting on the book I ordered to come in, but in the mean time I've started laminating my neck (got so into the work zone I forgot to take pics like I had originally intended) and spent the last two days search for answers to questions and wood.

The one question that I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer to is this: is there any reason I would not want to use wings that have been made from 2 pieces of joined wood on a neck through 6 string bass? I can think of a bunch of positives (less likely to warp, if done right it will look cool, $, etc.). Also, if this is not advisable, can anyone suggest where I might find 2 pieces of lacewood that are 2"x6"x24" (6" is bare minimum...I'd prefere 6.5 or 7 so I have a little wiggle room).



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Sounds like you want to make the wings from a solid piece for each side? In your post you mentioned two pieces for each side. Well, look at the supplier list on project guitar. You'll find some I'm sure. If you decide to make the body from a different base wodd, then cap it with lace wood, I may have a piece to offer. I'm alergic to it, and won't use it for anything anymore.

As for your 2 pice question, there's nothing wrong with multiple pieces, but it may look nicer if a single piece for each wing was used. IMHO anyway.

Also, be sure to let your laminated neck "rest" for several days before trying to shape the neck. Keep it in a warm environment to let the glue dry and all the residual moisture escape. This reduces the chance of it warping.


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