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Converting An Old Bass To A Guiatar

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I have this old electric hofner bass thats looks like a fender Jazz style bass guitar. I was wondering if I would be able to convert it to an electric guitar by routing out the neck to make more room for a larger guitar neck.

Its a 21 fret neck with the heel at 2" exactly, the bridge is like a gibson type stopbar and action adjuster in front of it, would I be able to convert it or would the body be too big.

I could post pics if that would help you to help me. Just try to be specific on what you would want to see in the pictures to make it easier for you.

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yeah it'll look like a catastrophe and cause a lot of problems. Some of the hofners are sought after so if you don't want it put up in the Public Classifieds Buy-Sell-Trade Area or ebay and invest that to building a guitar or fixing one up. hope this helps.


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I think it could work if you had room to move the bridge to match the appropriate scale length, and then route pickup cavities. It would be a lot of work and planning, but it COULD, in theory, be done.

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