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Strat Trem Question.

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well. .. I'm no expert... but I'm sure it will work with some modification to the body. You most likely will have to fill on some holes from the "vintage" bridge is they do not line up correctly. Also I would string up the bridge with the hi and lo "E" strings... this will give you an idea of how close the string are to the edge of the fingerboard. I had a similar situation where the posts lined up... however the low E was at the very edge of the neck. After I positioned the bridge where the strings were even (1/8 from the edge of the fingerboard) I found that the routing for the bridge was just a bit to small. The sustain block was rubbing against the body. So I filed the routing a little ... and now she's nice and smooth.... I may have some pics I can send.. if interested.... Just my $0.02 worth... Good luck....

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