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Alder Or Basswood?

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I haven't played my RG in over a year now so I don't even remember what it sounds like compared to alder. The guitar I play most of the time is made of alder and I love it. I'm also a big fan of maple bodied guitars but they aren't really comparable. I don't remember hearing anyone say that they dislike alder - it's pretty popular for good reasons in my opinion.

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Don't listen to them! :D

I mean I prefer Alder too, but basswood is just as good. It's a matter of taste. If the answer was "Definately Alder" there would not be so much guitars on the market with different woods. There are many great players like John Petrucci, Steve Vai and Satriani who play basswood guitars. Petrucci even exclusively.

What tonewood you like you should try yourself. Go play some comparable guitars with different woods. Best bet would be to check out the Ibanez Jem's as they are available with both woods.

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alder will hold the trem inserts better

oh...and you can eq alder to sound similar to basswood by taking out most of the mids and some of the highs...but you really can't make basswood sound like alder...it just doesn't have the mids and sweet highs.

also,the low end of alder is tighter than basswood.and superior note separation as well

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