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Les Paul Pickups


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i have a 87 studio les paul and i am looking for that old school classic rock/eraly hard rock sound. i use an 80's boogie head with not to much gain i just crank up that volume and get my crunch that way. my qustion is what pickups should i use. i was thinking of either two duncan 59's or a 59 in the neck and a pearly gates in the bridge. what would you guys suggest?

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I meant to reply last week but got sidetracked. What is the problem with your existing HBs? Low output? I really like the Gibson Mini Humbuckers and I like your era of music so What is your specific problem? You may just want to get a preamp to let your Mesa go nuts.

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what type of studio les paul?gibson?

if it is,in fact,a true gibson...then i have to say that most stock gibsons have great pickups...and that there is not much room for improvement...not in your choice of music.

i just think you need some external gain...maybe an ibanez tubescreamer would fit the bill?

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