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Pedal Idea?

Curtis P

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I had a great idea for a pedal today, instead of only pressing forward, you can also go backwards, 2 seperate switches

the way i thought, it works like a whammy bar, only its more controlled, press forward to go lower, and backwards to peirce those high notes, and when you step off the pedal, it automaticly returns to position (so, maybe spring loaded???)

I was just thinkin out this today when i was goofin around with the RP50, trying to find a decent whammy effect, but found nothing so ended up just using my trem bar, which sucked because i cant bring notes up more then half a step because of my strupid trem lol

So, is it possible?? if it is, i would like to see how it would be done, and if someone builds it, then a price on how much :D


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control with the whammy is easy enough i find. tho if you're looking for a pitch shifting effect thats pedal controlled and you can set the interval that it shifts upto with the pedal then pickup an old Boss PS-3/PS-2 and get a boss expression pedal. the new PS-5 may be the same but i cant vouch for that. and anyway, it cant feed back into itself like the PS-2/3

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hmm interesting idea.. find the corret tension on a sewing machine treadle and set it at mid posisiton with the correct tension spring it is already tensioned for one way tension it for the other way. and set that point at the zero mark use it to control the led ldr of a alreay existing pitch unit such as the boss or so. :D

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