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Frett Buzz On Sg

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first,follow these tutorials and see what happens.

if that doesn't fix it to suit your fancy,you probably have a high fret,in which case you should check to see if the fret has become unseated,and if it has you need to reseat it,which involves using the super glue as mentioned,but you need to clamp the fret down as soon as you glue and before the glue dries,and leave it clamped until the glue is completely dry.

if the frets are all properly seated,then you need to level and crown your frets


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Wes, doesn't it sound like new nut time? I hate to mention it cause its my LEAST favorite job but anything to keep him from trying to fix it with the truss rod. I mean, REALLY!

possibly...if he means it is buzzing OVER the first fret.i took what he said to mean it is buzzing when he frets at the first fret.

i really think though that the first thing to do for a guy with as little knowledge as this guy is to go through the setup first and see if that cures it.

but look,dave...if you need a new nut it will be easy to see...because the nut slot will be lower than the frets,and the offending string will be touching the first fret.

it might be worth the money for you to just take it to a tech and let him figure it out.meanwhile study the setup page...because every guitarist should at least know how to set up his own instrument

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then take it to a tech.if you are not willing to follow the setup procedures in the order they are written without skipping any steps,then they will do you no good.

it might be the nut,as thedoctor said...or it could still be that the neck has back bow,in which case the truss rod would need to be adjusted,or any number of other things.

if you are this lost,a tech is your best alternative.

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