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Wiring Stomp Box


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Hi guys,

I've recently completed my tele project which has magnetic pickups and a piezo pick up. Output from the guitar is via a stereo jack which I've wired as below:


To switch between the pickup types I thought of wiring a switch in a stomp box so that both pickups connect to the output of the stomp box but one of the pickups will always be shorted to earth, kinda like a kill switch,

switch box

What do you this? Will it work, is this the best way to wire it up to prevent popping when changing over?



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some sort of footswitch would work, but wouldent it be better to have the switching on your guitar? you could use a 3 way switch, or a 3 way mini switch and have position 1 - magnetic

position 2 - magnetic/pezio

position 3 - pezio

or you could have a blend pot with pezio on one side on magnetic pickups on the other. wait for someone more experienced with electronics to look at your wiring diagram.

later on

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Your box wiring won't work. You are shorting the output completely no matter what position your switch is in. You need to disconnect the hot of one pickup or the other from the output. I have 2 guitars with no selector switch and I switch them exactly as you propose. I put the TRS jack in my amps channel/effect pedal, added a SPST switch for each pickup and added a !/4" TS jack for output.

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This might sound confusing, but why don't you put a stereo input jack wired to an on/on DPDT switch, so that when you click it just changes them from Magnetic to Piezo. When the magnetic, for example, is selected have the piezo going to ground on a mono output jack, and vice versa. Should work fine.

It's pretty much an A/B box without two in/outputs.

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