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Boss Bass Synth Help


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Its touted as a bass pedal but its perfectlly usable with guitars.

i think that boss either origionall did, or were planning to, market it as a guitar pedal but didnt think it would sell well enough so marketed it to the bass players where the idea of being able to get a bif fat buzz saw square wave was appealing.

as for the moog sound. it does funky synth sounds but whether its like a moog is entirelly opinion. i think it has some auto filtering on it but if not then combine it with an auto wah and the fuzz of your choice and you'll be playing bit beastlly techno basslines in no time

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i would have thought for faster riffing do whats done with every box that needs to track the origional signal, use the neck Pup and roll back the tone

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Embarrisng as it is, I must confess...

Last week or so, I was watching Oprah one afternoon.

Stevie Wonder was on it, playing his keyboard and singing.

On top of his keyboard, he had the Boss Bass synth pedal. I recognised it sratit away by its colour and shape (and its sound) (my brother has one).

It sounded good for Stevie's synth, and it sounds pretty cool with guitar as well.

There! Ive confessed! I watch Oprah occasionally. Happy now? :D


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