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Another Pedal Schem Help


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I gave the BD schem to my friend. He was buggin me for it. I tried the crossroads. Digitech. Well i want ot build one. Cant find schematics

searched for about an hour or two. Anyone have a schem or know where one is.

I want to build it with the BD that i will build for my firend. Crossroads for me, and BD for him. So anyone have any places. Oh and thanks LK for the last schem page. VEry helpful.



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Monkey, go to


What you want is the dallas rangemaster kit.

Cheap, easy(ish) to build- GREAT pedal (I am willing to bet its as good as the crossroads pedal) AND the guy who runs the company (Steve) is a really nice, helpful guy.

The dallas rangemaster was used by clapton on the beano album- 'Hideaway' is a good example of this tone.

I have made one, and it is REALLY cool.


What pedal that i can build would give me a blues Clapton sound?

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