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Dead Pup-- Give It Up?


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I was monkeying with my old Univox Hi-flyer bass last night...I've always loved this bass, kept it even though I used to own a Rick 4001 and also used a Fender Precision...but the Univox was my first...sigh...

Anyway, the neck pickup has been broken for about 20 years... I decided to have a look at it...turns out, the lead had come off its solder...

So I soldered that back on, crossed my fingers but...

Well, it makes sound, vaguely. But not all the time. So I'm suspecting the wire might be broken/corroded somewhere on the inside...

Is this repairable? Worth the bother? Are there bass pickups that will fit this form factor---this is what they look like

Thanks for any help...

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Hi Idch,

Maybe its time to try your hand at a re-wind? I had a similar problem a few years ago, and I decided to rewind the pickup.

You should be able to test if the coils are still intact using a multimeter. Just attach the probes on each end of the wire (the coil) and get a read.

You should check each coil individually (its a humbucker, right?) and see if there is a problem.

It sounds to me like this is the probably the cupret, but it may be less drastic that it seems- I had a broken wire to the LED of my flanger for 5 years before I found the prob and fixed it- AND I had the same thing on my accutronics tank on my Marshall.

Please let me know how it goes,


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Hey, Idch, first gotta say LUV THE BASS!!! Next, looks like Gibson minihumbuckers should fit. Like is on an EB-3. BTW, one of my FAVORITE pickups! Next, you might be able to find your broken/corroded wire with an ohmeter, preferably analog, hooked to the output wires and gently probe areas of the windings with a toothpick until you hit a spot that gives you a reasonably stable, correct reading of approx. 7k and attempt to unwind to that spot and reconnect. Realise that this advice is coming from a guy that only has a 50/50 record of pickup repair! Still, love the axe, man!

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Hey all,

I sent the pickup with the bassplayer in the band, he's bringing it to a buddy of his who's set up to repair pickups--don't know if he can do a rewind, but he's going to test it out for me...

I'd be tempted to do a rewind... since I've waited 20 years just to take the pickup out to look at, there's no rush...

It's not such a big deal, since I've always used the bridge pickup --thing kicks some serious butt...it's not a bass for the purist, but for punkin' out there's nothing better!

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