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Jem Wiring Path


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same thread at jemsite...but just posting it here :O

the jem body that i got off ebay arrived today...the job looked pretty complete but just the lack of wire holes..

now is this the correct path of travel for the pickup wires?



in addition it also looks like the guy didnt complete a path from the output jack to the controlknobs...

so is this how i should route it?


the only tools i have are a hand drill a dremel and a drill press..it looks like i can use the handrill to drill the pickup route to the knob area. but from the knob area to the output jack..it looks a bit harder to use a drill? what would you guys suggest i use for that?

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for the pickup wires it's best to use a long spade bit. you can get those at any hardware store. drill from the neck cavity towards the bridge a straight hole. then use the same bit to make the hole through to the control cavity.


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Not sure where you're located, but Home Depot has something called Blue-Mol 1/4" XL Extended Length Drill bit. This drill bit is about 12" long and works sharms on these wire routings. Long drill bit give you wee bit more manouvre room with drill.

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