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Tone Switch On A Stonpbox


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hey, i am building a NPN boost pedal from the diy stompbox fourm. i want to add a 3 way on,on,on mini switch to do some tone change. i am pretty sure that if i increase the value on the imput cap i will get a more low end sound and if i lower he value of the imput cap i will get more high end. i want a 3 way switch to toggle between 3 imput caps. one .1uf (the value recomended in the project) and one of higher value and one of lower value. can anyone recomend cap values to use?

thanks, matt

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why dont you ask this over at arons stompbox forum? id be willing to bet youll get better answers at a dedicated stompbox forum than a guitar building forum. i personally dont like to include too many little switches and tone variations in my pedals when i build, i dont see a need to have 10000 different tones. try socketing the input cap and playing around with different values until you find the tone that you imagine in your head when you think about this pedal. then solder that one in.

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Increasing the size of the input coupling cap will add more bass - decreasing it will cut the bass, but it won't boost the highs.

For some ideas on tone controls, take a look at Adam's Amps' Tonestack page, and Jack Orman's AMZ Presence Control page, and for more fun, download Duncan Munro's Tone Stack calculator to play with. :D

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