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Pickup Wires Aren't Long Enough


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I just test fitted my pickups and the wires for the pickup don't reach but a little intor the control cavity.

They come down through the channel between the routs for the pickups (i'm not using a pickguard and get to the control cavity and only extend 1/4" into the cavity, how can I make the wire longer so it can reach the rest of the control cavity.

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not to say silvertone is wrong in anyway, but an easier way to do that is to---take your PUP wire and twist the end (as always) take your new wire and do the same, then twist them together, solder, then like bend the 2 at the base to the sides of one of the wires, then wrap it real good with electrical tape. the heat shrink way is a little cleaner but you can make this way turn out real nice also

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