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Momentary Switches


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while watchin the local rock show tonight, i thought of something but i dunno how it would work---if it would work at all

what if you had a momentary pushbutton spdt switch wired as a killswitch. on a strat you could have it as a killswitch partnered with a "neck-on" switch (bypassing the volume and putting it in right before the output jack). you could have the bridge PUP on with the volume turned down a little and then have the neck-on activated and be playing and tap the button here and there giving you a crazy tremolo kind of sound with the bridge PUP layered behind it. or just something like that

for one though, i know nothing about momentary switches and dont know if that would possibly work. how long exactly is "momentary"?

i think it would be cool as hell. any other ideas? i just need a strat now lol

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Momentary switch engages while pressed, and resumes transfer of current when it's not (you can get the wired the other way around, but you probably wouldn't want to use that). If you want to get **** about it, there is probably a small (as in measured-in-picoseconds-small) delay in almost any switching device.

Idea: wire a resistor in there so that you can drop the volume back suddenly if you without drastically affecting the tone (you'd probably get a noticable effect if you used two very different pickups in your second option).

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reaper, thats a good idea with the resistor

i went to radio shack yesterday and the spdt momentary switches only have 2 lugs. i thought that they wouldnt work since its not switching it over, but i thought that it might work so i might go back and try it out. my thinking is that it just removes connection from either or both lugs and therefore cutting off all power to anything in the circuit, am i right? next time im there ill buy one and try it out

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