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Want To Add Maple Carved Top To A Carved Body ?

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hi i have carved top mahogany body(solid piece of mahogany). the finish on the top is kinda messed up. i was wondering if i could some how attach a carved maple top to my carved mahogany body. note: the the maple top is carved on both sides (top and bottom. like the kind which would be used on an archtop). is my idea possible? if so how will the sound quality be effected? to my understanding if what i intend is possible id have a chamber betyween the body and the top.

thanks in advance

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You would have to plane off the arch on the top and then put your maple on and carve it. It is possible I guess but it would probably be easier to just build a new body. I dont think I have ever seen a finish so messed up that the wood on top had to be replaced. I suppose if that was the case, the rest of the body would be in similar condition and not reallyworth saving. You could just try to refinish the whole thing, you would have to do it anyway if you replaced the top.

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