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Honey Burst Les Paul


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hey guys, i am looking for a bit of advice on refinishing my les paul. i want to do a honey burst finish. anyone have advice on painting tech./which stans/paints or anyhting              else that would be helpful? thanks.

i agree with the other reply you got, if it is a solid color now you never know what lies beneath, gibson got pretty bad about that though the 70's into the 80's

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Gibson is still extremely bad about that to this day. I worked for them at the Memphis plant for several years and quickly learned that 95% of the opaque finished guitars have some serious flaws in the wood. Holes drilled through the body.... big gouges from a slipped router.... unsightly glue joints... etc. They just slap some bondo on it and paint it black. Whats funny is when I worked there, which was about 2 years ago, we had way to many "black" guitars coming out of the plant..... so.... they decided to re-release some of the classic colors to hide our mistakes such as Phelan Blue and they used colors that weren't standard on certain models and sold them for more as "limited editions" or "customs". Very sickening if you ask me. Forget fixing the problem as to why there were so many mistakes being made.... Lets just learn to make more money from it.

My advice is to leave it alone. If you want a Honey Burst, sell the white one and buy a Honey Burst. You might not want to know whats under your paint :D

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