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Transparent Finishes On Walnut


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Hiya, Im making a guitar (tom anderson stylee) out of basswood with a 3/8" AAA walnut top. Just wondering if anyone had any experiance finihsing this wood? Im looking to do a nice PRS style double stain, but i've never seen it done on walnut (Tom anderson seems to only do naturual finishes with maybe a little tint round the edges). Any help anyone could give me on this would be wicked.


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Getting a finish like that on walnut is a piecs of cake.

Mix up the dye for the edges first. Do a test sample and get it as brown as you want it and about the strength so that you need three coats to get it dark enough.

Take some of that, thin it down a little more, add a spot of yellow or light orange. Stain the whole thing with the second mix.. Let it dry. Get it to the color you want in the middle all over.

Then take a rag and make what the Brits call a mouse. Wad one small rag up and wrap it in another. Make it the size of a golf ball. Dip it in your darker stain. Wipe most of it off on a scrap and then use this to shade your body edges.

Work from the middle out, don't wipe like a racetrack. Cheaper than an airbrush and actually just as fast.

If you're using most walnut it won't start out with much red or orangish color, just the plain greyish brown.

Remember to use a lot of light coats. This hides the "stripes" from the mouse.

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