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Im ageing a stratocaster, ive gotten all the dings and stuff, but oxidizing the bridge and the finish is throwing me off. Is there any way to yellow the finish? its acryllic.. and the hardware, i tried putting it over muriatic acid, haha.. a week and nothing happened.. so i dipped it in and hung it over it burned all the threading out! i learned my lesson though..

Is there any site with ageing tutorials? i havent seen any! Or does anyone know anything that can help me out


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here you go.i will take pity on you this time i guess.in the future use the search feature.usually the older topics have the better info anyway.more experienced guys with answers.



just take notice that these 2 relic threads are geared towards making the guitar actually look "played in" ,not just beat to hell.all of the "drag it behind your car" answers you would get these days really would get you nothing but an ugly,broken guitar.

a relic looks good if done right...a beat to hell guitar LOOKS like a beat to hell p.o.s

nuff said?

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