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Prs Mccarty Wanna Build

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what type of neck is similar to a prs mccarty? i know there mahogany with rosewood frett and impossible to find anything like it. any recommendations? also i was going to purchase the aqctual prs stop tail bridge are there any equal good alternatives? My orther idea was since my body is arched using a bridge and tail piece like on an archtop is that possible? if so what type of bridge would i use? finally any recomendations for tunners?

are there any pickups similar to schaller golden 50s?

on a different note any one familiar with trey anastasio from phish> im very interested in building a guitar similar to his . also anyone know what a two way bridge is he has on his guitar with a tailpiece id like a similar one.

here is treys guitar: http://www.phish.net/faq/guitar.html

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On the phish guitar.. they were built by his soundman from what I understand. True hollowbody/acoustic construction. I don't know what kind of tailpiece he uses. A lot of the "hollowbody" guitars have a big mahogany block extending from neck to strap button.. Trey's are an actual acoustic soundbox with a glued in neck. Masterfully built guitars though and they sound amazing.. of course it helps that Trey is playing them too :D

On the mccarty, from what I understand historically, the mccarty was PRSs answer to the paul back before the singlecut came out. paul feel, paul sounding pickups, etc.. ted mccarty was a figure in les paul history, so it was only natural that his "baby" would have similarities.

That being said, the pickup choices would be anything vintage PAF related, and you can spend as much or as little as you want. For the wraparoudn bridge, you might check out tone pros bridges.. or you can get a LP Jr style wraparound from stewmac pretty cheap. Check out allparts.com or wdmusicsupply.com for ideas on bridges and tailpieces.

On the neck.. if you don't mind parting with 200 bucks or so, call Tommy up at USA Custom and get a quote on a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Might not be that bad actually. Sticking to mahog for the neck really develops the tone quality you're looking for.. as well as sticking to the mah/maple body combination.

Hope that helps.

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