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Alternative To The Bridge Doctor

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I have a Hohner 12-string that would be perfect if it had about 1/8" of the bridge bow taken out. Can't lower or shave the bridge and I don't really like the looks of the BridgeDoctor setup. If it were worse, I would probably just leave it but it is REAL close to perfect. How to remove the old-age bow from the top is my issue. Come to think of it, not just with this guitar!

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if the bow is no more than 1/8" and you have or have access to a deep throated guitar clamp (the wooden cam/lever type works best) you can try this: apply the clamp so that it's sitting on the bridge and the back of the guitar and carefully apply pressure until the bridge is at the level you desire. figure out a way to measure the distance from the top to the bottom on the inside of the guitar and cut a piece of 1/2" dowell rod to the proper length. release the pressure on the clamp and apply generous amount of glue to both ends of the rod. put it into the guitar and re-clamp. most acoustics have cross bracing that forms a sort of v between the sound hole and the bridge plate. that's where i usually try to put it. let it set up and cure for two or three days and let off the clamp.

some will claim that this method deadens the sound but i've done i many times and i can't tell that it does.

good luck.

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