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What Kind Of Glue?


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I use titebond, or locktite wood glue myself, both seem to work rather well. I've also used probond, but you have to be careful which probound you buy, as some of them foam and expand pretty bad. Not sure which ones expanded and foamed, but if I remember I will post again and let you know. :D

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I would not recommend Gorilla Glue for any connection you may want to undo later, like neck joint, fingerboard, etc.

Now for building up multi-piece bodies or necks it's aces. Once it's glued, it's GLUED.

I use it for headstock grafts. I have done some headstocks others said were irrepairable. They are still holding after (variously) 1-3 years of hard use.

Using GG, you have to be DAMN sure the pieces of wood are exactly where you want them and clamped TIGHT so the expansion goes OUT and does not spread the wood back apart.

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