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Mahogany Or Maple?

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Okay, I'm getting started on the mod for the Bocaster Thinline (while I learn how to route well enough to make the Strabocaster from scratch).

The existing body is made of alder; the neck is maple/maple fretboard. The guitar is pretty bright --has Fender Mex pickups in it. Lots of spank.

I'll be routing out the back of the guitar, leaving the front as is. So I need to choose a cap to cover up the back of the guitar.

I have plenty of good maple here for that, from a supplier in Germany. I also have a couple of mahogany panels from an old 50-year-old headboard.

I'm wondering which to choose? Do you think the cap will have any real effect on the sound?

Since I already have the Bocaster, I wouldn't mind a warmer sounding tele, but I don't know if I'd get that with an alder body anyway.

I'll probably use auto colors for the finish, though I might try to keep the color somewhat transparent. I'm thinking a nice rich brown...I'll worry about the perloid pickguard later...

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