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Would This Work?


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So im planning ahead to the finish of my custom now and had this as an idea:

Les paul body with a black "burst" on a quilted maple top

1. prime the body accept the center and little out to create a "burst"

2.spray over with black aerosol spray from guitar reranch..do this several times(sand when necesarry)til desired look is obtainted

3.use clear coat from stew mac to give it a nice shine

...so does this sound good?i know nothing about finishing a guitar so please help me out

also what the ship times from guitar reranch and stew mac?

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I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish not spraying the whole body with primer. If you want a burst, prime the whole guitar, lay down your base color over that, then burst with whatever color you want on the edges. I would look for the deft lacquer at Lowes or Home Depot and use it instead of the StewMac stuff. You're looking at buying several cans, and the Deft is quite a bit cheaper. Otherwise, I'll just say test on scrap to make sure everything works together alright. A good burst is hard to get right. You might want to practice a few times before doing it on a body. It'll cost a little more, but I'm sure you'll do a much better job with some practice.

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ok, you would only need sealer on the bacck if its a porous wood, maple isnt porous so you wont need it on the top. if the back is mahogany you'll need primer on the back only. If you don't feel like only priming the back, you could stain the top, use sealer on top of the stain andd the back, do the black burst.

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Nouseforone, this has been done to death here, this this is the tutorial at the mainsite, this is not too hard to do, and I don't use a template like the tutorial says, I use an airbrush to sray the burst are, this is a blue burst that Idid using duplicolor metalcast. I sprayed the whole body with it until I had the desired shade, then switch the tip to one that I had(the duplicolor is a good fan type) from a Krylon triple thick paint, which sprays in a small circle fashion, and sprayed the edges darker, with no masking.

For your guitar, I will suggest you get black stain from Stew Mac, staindbody black, (heavy) let it dry, sand back about 90% and then make a very light black stain(kinda like a wash) and rub the entire guitar, until you get the desired tone in the center. From here you can take the was and putin in a smaller container, and add black stain to it, and now start from the edges in, go as far as you want the burst to be, rub the stain in, don't just brush it. add more stain to the mix and do the same think going less further this time, repeat this until you get the burst uniform, once this is done, get the 1st stain that you use, the very strong one, and rub it only on the edge that you want the solid black to be, the good thing about this is that you will still be able to see the grain on the black edges, it will be solid black with subtle quilts over it.

that's what I will recomend, if you want a solid color, use an airbrush or a small tip can. this guitar was done with an airbrush on the side, as you can see you can control precisely where the paint goes, so there is not need for templates. Once everything is done you can clear over it.

If you are using stew mac or Re-Ranch paint, don't use regular primer, get Re-Ranchs sanding sealer, or go to Lowes or Walmart and get DEFT Sanding Sealer and clear (they are nitro) and comes in spray cans, you will need about 3 bottles of sanding sealer if you plan on filling the grain on the mahogany with it, and the top will take about 3/4 of one can, quilt are very thirsty as I found out on mine.

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