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Here we go again swirling...

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That different I didn't think Poly urethane made a very good Primer,sealer,bonder I've been using X-I-M and bullseye and they worked fine for me, then again I don't do many swirl's, just messing around to see if I like the color combination (then I usually strip it).

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i 'm thinking of swirling a 7620 myself

a question i've had in my mind lately

is if it wasn't completely sealed(it would be anyway but just in case you missed a spot or something)

wouldn't the paint on top of the water add a layer before the body touches the actual water thereby sealing it from the water anyway??

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actually the point is to seal the body first, standard sanding sealer made for doing just that will work just fine for the purpose of being around moisture.

If water should be able to invade the pours of the wood your at a high risk of swelling and cracking.

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The biggest problem is in the screw holes, pickguard screws, pickup mounting screws etc. those are the area's that will get you in trouble. The problem is, if the water gets in those holes, and swells, you get a crack.

One other thing that I'll mention, due to the amount of people trying swirling, and I hate the thought of many cracked bodies, is consider your water temperature as well. Cold tap water is NOT acceptable, you'd be surprised how much and how fast the wood will more, CRACK. Room temp is about right.

I still stand firm in the send it to ATD for a swirl ideal, I personally am against the swirling tutorial, but, in order to try and have people not ruin bodies, make sure it's all sealed, and make sure the water isn't icy cold.

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