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Fingerboard Materials

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I was just at my local wood supplier and was rummaging around for lack of something better to do. I know that tradition dictates that fingerboards are generally made out of rosewood or ebony and not without reason. However, I was wondering if anybody uses anything different? I picked up a piece of "Bloodwood" 3/4" x 6" x 22" and brought it home. I ripped it into 2 3" wide pieces, then resawed/planed it into four 1/4" thick pieces. My tools told me it was hard like rosewood/ebony......it has very similar grain pattern, and just seemed very stable. The color, as the name suggests, is a reddish color and not as dark as either rosewood or ebony. I'm guessing this wood developes a nice darker patina over time. Any thoughts?

I also looked at some cocobola, wenge, padouk, purpleheart and some very strange visions going on in my head.........(only had 7 Diet Dr. Peppers this morning).



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Bloodwood is great. I make out of all sorts of hard exotics. It'll sure plug up your sandpaper fast though! Wenge is used too, but the grain is very open and feels rough. Depending on how you finish it off though it can still be nice. Keep an open mind, it's half the fun!


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Osage orange...............................They also had quite a selection of osage. It is pretty wood as well. So many woods, so little dinero. I'm still on my first project and I already have project number 11, 12, & 13 in the back of my mind. They had a chunk of ebony, about 3 feet long, basically3" x 4" (it was kinda jagged along 1 side), and weighed about 50 lbs. $150............I'm scared of small chunks of heavy wood.................

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