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Pine Wood


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Pine is pretty soft. I would keep in mind if ya use it will ding up pretty easy. Trying something different is cool. Honestly though I doubt Pine would be one of my first choices, but then again I don't care for Basswood and it is a very good tone wood. Good luck and have fun with whatever you go with.

Peace, Rich

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i seem to remember reading that ponderosa pine was a choice wood with DeTemple's guitars.. There are so many variations of pine i'm sure there are some with the appropriate hardness.. but your garden variety home depot 2x8 stock is not a good idea for anything but shape prototyping

i dont think this stuff is home depo haha its seems to be a pretty good wood to use which i am also making a table out of and have had no problems with it, but since i am a beginner, i will probably use it since its not expensive

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Most structural lumber, 2x8, and larger is Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), at least in the eastern US. It is actually a very strong wood, as far as softwoods go. I've gotten some super nice wood for furniture and such from box store 2x12's. It's the 2x4's and 2x6's that are mostly trashwood. Kinda sad when a 2x4 has both the bark and the pith in it. :D If a body can be made from basswood, it can certainly be made from SYP. Takes stain in a weird way, though, compared to other pines. It won't take well to the winter wood, resulting in a bold grain pattern.

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