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What Am I Doing Wrong?


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Well, I've been screwing with these darn Duncan designed pickups (HB103-B & N);trying to put them in my PRS clone project. I've been playing with them for a couple of hours now and just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. What I have is a volume, a push-pot tone/coil tap, and a 3 way switch.

Anyway, the pickups are five wires and I converted them to 3 (white +red, green + bare wire, and the black). I hook the blacks to the 3 way, the gr./bare to the back of the volume pot (grounded), and the red/white to the coil tap.

Everything works perfect; coil tap works, tone works and everything. BUT, the friggin volume is acting like the tone. I even tried completely disconnecting the tone and it still did the same thing (no caps anywhere). I also completely switched pots and tried it without the coil tap (just a regular 1 volume, 1 tone and 3 way setup with 2 humbuckers) and it still did the same thing.... Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I'm tired of fooling with it and I could use some help....

BTW, I'm basically wiring it like a JS100............. except with no hi-pass filter. Here's a diagram of a JS100 for reference:


Thanks for any help you can give me.......


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Thanks for replying. The grounds I have going to the volume pot are the bridge ground, the grounds from the 2 pickup wires (green and bare wires), one from the side of the tone pot and the one going to the output jack. Did I miss one somewhere?

Maybe I didn't solder one of them good enough.......

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You need to solder the ground lug on the volume pot to the back as well, or any ground point you want, for that matter.

The ground lug is usually the one on the very left, if you were looking down on the back with the lugs pointing up.

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