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Striping A Takamine Acoustic?

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Tough call Godin. We all know acoustics guitars are made of thin wood and spruce guitar tops are rather soft and porous. So if the burst was stained or dyed into the top there would have been quite a bit of penetration. That said, if you begin sanding with ernest (whoever he is, :D ) you might wind up taking out more wood than you would like before you get down to a clear finish. Nice looking guitar, btw, why change it?


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heres some pics of it (and my electric) scroll down pics

also there is about 3/16" (mabye a little bit more) of bow on the sound board behind the bridge. Is this a problem? and if it is how should I fix this? I could probally get warranty work done as I keep it perfectly hummidified so thats not the problem. (It wasent like that when I bought it 4 years ago. It has gotton progressivly worse since about a year ago)

also I used to play like a DREAM up until about a year ago, (interesting that it's the same date :D ) when the action took a dive off the deep end. Right now I have the action crancked up really high just to stop it from buzzing. Could this and the top have anything to do with each other? There buzzing is the worst on the 3rd fret on the high B and E strings where there is some fretware. But all the other strings have almost no fretware and it still buzzes when I play anywhere behind te 12th fret. This is getting REALLY annoying as I LOVE my guitar but I just havent felt able to play after it develped this problem.

humm mabye I should move this to a new topic...

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All I can suggest is to give the guitar a thorough checkup. Take off all the strings and reach inside the sound hole. Feel around for any loose/cracked bracing, bridge plate etc. Check your neck and frets with a straight edge and make sure it has proper relief when the strings are on. Temp and humidity conditions are hard to maintain even in the best of circumstances. All it takes is a dry environment for a while and then "bump" the guitar against a coffee table or something and a piece of bracing will just pop off somewhere inside. Something to learn when building an acoustic. Gotta leave some expansion/contraction joints for that very thing. Internal stress can build up very easily at these joints and if they don't have anywhere to go laterally, then they usually go POP.

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